Sunday, July 06, 2008

Another busy weekend

Well, this weekend has gone pretty quickly. My weekend started right away on Friday after I got off work. Josh headed off to a party after doing some last minute shopping. The beach party was a lot of fun. Josh even played some softball with the guys. After the eating and drinking, we brought the fun (and drinks) up on the roof of our friend's roof to watch the fireworks. We ended up seeing over 20 different displays from the different citys and suburbs. It was simply amazing! We ended up staying up there for over an hour because the fireworks would not stop. We then headed down to another friend's apartment. I started to fade very quickly at 12:30 am even after a Red Bull and Vodka - mostly because I had been up since 5 am Friday morning to wake up for work.

I ended up sleeping in the next morning and it felt SO good. When I woke up, I had a very slight hangover. Thank goodness for a very sweet boyfriend to bring me my favorite hangover relief elixir. I then headed off to get my hair done. After my hair appointment, Josh and I ended off to Mitsuwa, my favorite Japanese supermarket, for some great food. It is not an easy place to get to without a car. I feels SO good to go there with our own car. After Mitsuwa, we headed off to the happiest place on earth - IKEA. Josh and I went to IKEA to look at furniture for our new house. It was the first trip to determine what will be bought. A lot of it is still in the air depending on what we need after our own furniture is moved into the apartment.

After our awesome trip to IKEA, Josh headed off to the movies to watch Wall-E. It was awesome!

Today was a much relaxed and easy-going day. We slept in again, which I LOVED! After being lazy in the morning, we headed off to the gym in order to get my long run done. After the long run, it was back home to relax before heading back to work tommorow. It's going to be a busy running week.

OMG - it's now less than 100 days until the Chicago Marathon


teacherwoman said...

Busy weekends all around! looks like you guys had a good one!

Cheers to a good running week (busy) ahead! :)

L*I*S*A said...

Is there anything better than sleeping in on the weekends? I think not.

Wes said...

All that talk of sleeping in is making me tired!! LOL!! Glad you had a good weekend!!!

Jess said...

Sounds like it was a great weekend!

Danielle said...

Oh...long run at the gym...sounds like fun though. I watched fireworks all over the city.

Nat said...

I bet the fireworks were very cool!

Rae said...

Sleeping in is the best part of long weekends!!!!!

I just love Ikea!! I got to go to the one in Atlanta this past week, we really need one here in Nashville!