Sunday, April 13, 2008

Rest day Sunday

Today I took it easy after my huge long run yesterday. I took it easy and relaxed. As I relaxed, I took in account all of the things that I have learned the last few days since the cast went on.

  1. Don't under estimate my potential. I can do things on my own even though I am slightly limited right now.

  2. Don't be stubborn. Ask for help when I need it.

  3. Be creative and work around the limitations.

  4. Focus on my strengths.

  5. Stay determined to continue with HM training.

Well, tommorow will be a cross-training day so I can run outside on Tuesday after work.


Tiggs said...

omg! your poor arm! I hope you figure out what happened! How long do they think its been broken?

jkrunning said...

Hey, you wear it well. Here's to a speedy recovery.

Jess said...

You rock that cast on your runs...just think it's the perfect defense if some creepo decides to sneak up on you while you run...whack him with that baby and he'll go down hard...hahahaha my imagination is much to vivid at times

Danielle said...

All good lessons!

Steve Stenzel said...

Good luck with that arm! Take it easy!

Anne said...

That adorable pug seems to be taking the lazy way out, like he's the one with his limb in a sling. That's crazy that no one knows how you fractured your arm.