Friday, April 04, 2008

First Run with New Garmin

Today was a day that I was looking forward to all week - my first run with my new Garmin. The weather was rainy in the morning, but the sun managed to come out in the early afternoon. I charged my Garmin overnight and had it ready to go by the time I got home.

The weather was very beautiful with the sun out with the temps in the 50's. I am really looking forward to tommorow's run and temp's being in the 60's. Spring is finally here!

Today's plan was to run for 35 minute at an EZ pace. According to McMillian, I need to keep a 9:25 to 9:55/mile to train towards my HM goal. When Josh and I ran on Wednesday, we were running sub-9:00 miles for a good part of the run and still felt reasonably comfortable. Today's run was a very comfortable and easy. I even set my new Garmin to keep myself between a 9:00 - 10:00/mile and alert me if I run too fast or too slow. It was a little annoying to Josh at first, but very helpful when we went our separate ways because he needed to slow down.

Mile 1 - 9:37
Mile 2 - 9:39
Mile 3 - 9:23
Mile 0.67 - 6:20 (9:30/mile)
Total miles - 3.67
Avg Pace - 9:33/mile

Tommorow's Long Run - 35 minutes (Goal pace 8:30-8:45/mile)


AnthonyP said...

Very nice. You can also upload all of your data to and see all sorts of data from your run, including splits, elevation, heart rate (if you have the Garmin with a HR monitor), maps, etc...

Danielle said...

I love new toys.

teacherwoman said...

Ah, yes. the weather is finally beginning to cooperate. I know the cold temps are not gone for good, but we will enjoy the 50's/60's when we get them. Those are perfect running temps in my eyes!

Wes said...

Very cool! The virtual partner function will be your friend!!

rinus said...

Well done and splendidly those garmin!. Is it the garmin 305?.
Groet Rinus.

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

This was the first time I ever had to send you on ahead because you were running too fast for me.

No doubt the first time of many to come.