Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Awesome hill training session

Well, today was my last hill training session until after the half-marathon. The first time that I completed the workout over two months ago I struggled a lot. I noticed a lot of progress today on the treadmill. My legs were a lot loose and felt like I could do this all day - well almost.

I have to attribute my hill training to all of the success the last few weeks. But it has only been a part of increased speed. I have worked very hard to get where I am at. I have made some positive choices to help myself to be successful.

I have reached my goal weight. I have been a vegetarian, which started slowly back in August. It has made it easier for me to perform better. I have lost of a lot of water weight, especially in my face. I have limited my drinking to my non-running days. I have stuck to my training program, which included a lot of treadmill running all winter. I love the treadmill.

Well, tommorow's a rest day/cross-training. We are going to the Chicago White Sox game because they are playing the Minnesota Twins. I am looking for the game.


AnthonyP said...

Good to hear that you had an awesome hill training workout. Way to go in reaching your goal weight ! Enjoy the Sox game.

Jess said...

You've worked hard, so it's great that you're seeing the results now. Congrats!

J~Mom said...

It's great to see your hard work paying off!

Danielle said...

Yay Twins!! What a good game to be at too!!