Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Time for a new look

Yes, if I have not noticed (or totally color-blind), I have re-done my entire blog including finally putting the new header. It took me awhile to get all of my links from the all of layout set up, but it was worth it. I have been in a little bit of a funky mood and trying to understand it all.

After Josh got home from work, we eventually went out for a 40 minute run. It was a little bit cooler than the last run, but it made it easier to keep the pace up. After our run, we ended up at our favorite bar, Hopleaf, for a couple of beers, a bucket of Belgian mussels, fries, and a chocolate torte. Yummm!

We are both really tired now and slowly falling asleep. I have to go back to work tommorow and then another day off before working one more day before another day off to run the Shuffle. (It's a long explanation, but worth it!) They are talking a rain/snow mix for tommorow and Friday - YUCK!!

Tommorow - REST DAY! Yayy!

Today's workout
40 minute run
Mile 1 - 10:22
Mile 2 - 9:59
Mile 3 - 9:50
Mile 4 - 9:23
200 feet - 0:22
Avg Pace - 9:55/mile


Wes said...

I like the new header!! Nicely done!

AnthonyP said...

Nice workout today. I love the header. I been meaning to figure out how to do one on my blog. Any advice ?

chia said...

Cute header - Hope the weather works out alright for the shuffle!

J~Mom said...

Looks great!!

Anne said...

Love the new look. It's like a blog rebirth, isn't it?!

Danielle said...

I like the new look. It's that time of year for change isn't it? I should've made my new one come out at the same time as my anniversary but oh well.

RunnerGirl said...

Love the new look!

L*I*S*A said...

Love the new header!! I want one. Is it easy to do?

Jess said...

The changes look great! Hopefully the weather behaves for your Shuffle!