Friday, March 14, 2008

Rest day

I have been a little bit tired today so I took a much needed rest day instead of riding my bike outside. I have been running three days in a row, which took a toll on my legs. I have a huge mileage tommorow - 6 miles - to attempt so I need my legs in the best condition possible. Plus.....

That's right! My Gophers shocked everyone, in Indiana at least, and now heading to the semi-finals of the Big 10 Tourney. I have confidence that they will go to the Big Dance when they announce the games on Sunday. They are doing much better than my other team, which loss to Oklahoma today and probably DONE for the season.


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Running Jayhawk said...

I'm pretty sure your Gophers are going to have to win the Big 10 tourney, for a spot in the big dance. It looks like Indiana, is your only notable win of the season, as you guys lost to every other ranked team. The losing record in your conference play is going to hurt since there were no tradition "big gun wins" during non-conference play.

Just sayin'...

Good luck to the Gophers. And nice win over Baylor, they're a good team.