Sunday, March 09, 2008

It's a FUN, FUN Sunday!

Oh the joys of renting car! It really reminds why I sometimes (but rarely lately) miss having my own car again - one that is not sitting in an auto dealership lot and still making payments on it. **sigh**

Anyways, Josh and I got our butts up semi-early with some signs of a slight hangover lingering. (Slight for me - after 3 glasses of wine and 4 LARGE pieces of rum cake - Yummmm!)

We have a full agenda for the day and did not want to waste on moment of it.

First mission - Tackle the South Side St. Patty's Day parade.

Note to selves: DO NOT tackle this sober next year or any subsequent year or drink the DAY BEFORE the parade. It is not a pretty sight and the scene of drunk young adults STILL heading toward the parade as we were leaving in the middle of it really hits the whole point of it. The picture and my facial expression shows everything.

Second Mission - Drive from the parade to Arlington Heights for a LONG trip to our favorite Mitsuwa. This was the favorite part of my day. We spent over two hours there. The trip starts with lunch in the food court. Josh had authetic ramen (not the same stuff you buy for a buck in the grocery store - the real deal!) I had the tempera veggie platter, which came with a Japanese omelet, fruit cup, a big bowl of rice, and a yummy bowl of miso soup. After stuffing our faces, we went into the grocery store to wander the aisles of Japanese YUMMIES! I had to literately restrain myself in the Mochi aisle. SOOOO good!

Right before we left, I stopped at the tea shop and go myself two yummy scoops of ice cream - one scoop of red bean and one scoop of ginger. Total heaven!!

Our next stop - IKEA! We have some household shopping to get done. With a possible home/condo purchase in the horizon within the next six months, we needed to look at stuff for what will need to fill inside. We ended up eating in the food court. So good and so yummy! (And of course, a certain boyfriend of mine had to have fun with his camera while we were there too.)

It was a fun day! I enjoyed it. I wish it did not end so quickly.

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