Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cross-training Tuesday

Well, today was a cross-training day. It has been a very gray and dreary day - full of BLEH! Since it was my day off, I waited until Josh got off of work to head to the gym. I spent most of the morning doing laundry and cleaning out my closet and dresser. I purged a lot of clothes that did not fit me anymore or knew that I would not wear at all. It felt really good cleaning it out. I have room now to buy new clothes especially once I get a new job.

It was an awesome cross-training session on the eliptical machine. I kept a huge pace on the elipitcal machine. I even pumped up the resistance a little bit.

Tommorow - REST DAY!

Today's Workout
40 minute - Eliptical machine
4.20 miles
9:31/mile - pace


Wes said...

LOL... Yea, I'm feeling the need to come to terms with my closet soon too :-)

Jess said...

I need to clean out my closet too; it's such a chore though!

Danielle said...

I so need to get through my closet, pantry, linen name it...tonight, after my house is getting a spring cleaning start. And then a focus to keep that!! My garage is the other killer!

Jess said...

Way to rock that workout on the elliptical

RunnerGirl said...

I'm off of work all next week and plan on tackling my closets during the time off. I hate doing it, but it feels so nice once you get it finished!