Monday, February 04, 2008

Went from HELL and BACK

My flight last night coming home from a LIVING HELL....literately! I will keep it short and sweet.

Flight #1 - Plane delayed 45 minutes and then, after 10 minutes, told to get off the plane because the only pilot that could fly us safely cancelled the flight.

Flight #2 - (30 minutes later) The plane takes off and leaves Minneapolis. As we arrive in Chicago, we were flying around waiting to land and then told by the captain that we will have to fly BACK to Minneapolis because they could not land the plane due to the weather.

Flight #3 - After creating a mutany with 10 other people from being bumped TWICE, we get on a flight to Chicago O'Hare instead of Midway where I was SUPPOSED to head to. We were told that our luggage would NOT be getting off the last plane were on. I was originally put on a plane for TODAY, but were not willing to pay for a hotel since the delay was due to weather. We did take off and GET HOME. Once we landed, we went to the luggage claim where I found my luggage waiting for me. I am SO happy to be home. After taking a very late CTA train and bus ride, I did not get in my own bed until 2 am. I was SO happy to see Josh and hold him tight.

Today I am not at work and sitting doing NOTHING!! My TiVo and I are having a great day together on the couch.


Wes said...

That doth suck. I hate to fly! Hope you have a good day off!!!

Jess. said...

Glad you made it back safely...that sucks a lot though!

L*I*S*A said...

So glad you arrived safe and sound. Sometimes flying is hell.

Dee said...

Aw now I feel kind of badly because my flight last night was pretty good.

However, I am jealous that you're at home with a couch and Tivo (I'd rather be there then here doing case studies!).

Get some rest and enjoy yourself!

Danielle said...

Wow...that totally sucks. After worries on getting here...and I can't believe they woudln't put you up just cause it was weather. Stupid. Airlines suck.

Dori said...

I hate flying anymore. I'd much rather drive and be on my own schedule. I'm glad you arrived safely; I'll be Josh was happy to see you.