Thursday, February 21, 2008

Rest day

My legs feel better today. I needed the extra rest that I gave myself last night. It made a huge difference.

I have not decided whether if I am going to do my "shorter" run of 45 minutes tommorow or attempt my first long run of 5 miles. I will decide when I wake up tommorow morning.

I am dealing with a LONG internet, cable, AND phone outage at home. It has made my life a little crazy because I was waiting for my weekly TNT update to decide how to get my runs done. I am sitting in Borders right now checking my e-mails and updating my blog. I hope to get it up and running tonight. I will not be happy if I go one more day.


Wes said...

Those were some killer inclines! Hope you enjoyed your rest day and all the "stuff" comes back online :-)

Anne said...

It's nice to read about you getting back into the swing of things. I'd go crazy without Internet, cable and phone too!

J~Mom said...

Nothing better then a well deserved rest day! :>D

rinus said...

Take your rest in peace, go faster!.
And I hope that your schedule and internet quickly in order.
Groet Rinus

Danielle said...

That sucks about things being's warming up, you might be able to run outside!

chia said...

Super cool hill workout, I think I'll give that a try next week!

Is anything not breaking? Wow, water mains, internets, telephone... many hopes nothing else goes awry!

Happy healing! I have been using Yerbamate as a great pre-run/post-run beverage and it's cut my recovery time significantly. It's a tea that is supposed to suppress lactic acid buildup or something of the like. I've been quite happy with it.