Monday, October 08, 2007

Chicago Marathon Weekend Wrap-Up

Hello, bloggers!

This has been a VERY long, but fun weekend for Josh and I. Things started on Thursday when his friend, Shea, arrived to stay with us until after the marathon.


Friday was Chicago Marathon expo time. I was SO excited to go. LOTS of free stuff. I ate and drank more free food than I have ever done in a while. The best part was that I was not running a marathon on Sunday. I brought a ton of free stuff home too, which will come in handy during my training. Josh and I ran into Jason and Leah just as we were leaving to head back to our shuttle.

After the long shuttle ride (seemed like it took FOREVER!) to Cermak/Chinatown and then the even longer Red Line ride home, we arrived back and enjoyed the wonderful cuisine de Shea, who made pasta with garlic and goat cheese. YUMMMMY!

Then it was off to bed for everyone.


Saturday started off to a great start. I headed off to the gym for a 3 mile run and 65 minutes of weight training and core work (which has REALLY paid off!).

After the workout, I had a very frustrating moment trying on clothes on at a local clothes boutique. I was a desperate mission to look for a dress for a dinner party that night. The dresses I tried did not fit me or was very, very difficult to get off. After leaving in total frustration, Josh and I headed to Target instead (and NOT a bit embarrassed to admit!) to search for a inexpensive outfit since we are still losing weight. Frustration turned into total HAPPINESS. With Josh as my sole witness, I was able to fit into a pair of dress pants in a size 8.

Size 8, people!

This is first time in over 4 years that I have been in SINGLE DIGITS for pants and it feels SO DAMN GOOD. I left Target with a nice dress and those awesome pants for another event.

After we got home via taxi, we quickly got ready for a dinner party in Josh's brother and his wife's honor. They both got married last December in Thailand and now meeting everyone who could not make it for the wedding at his mom's house. This was the first time meeting Josh's only sibling EVER and was SO excited to do so.

Besides meeting his brother and new wife, I met a lot of his mom's friend who I have not met yet and was privileged to do so. We had a very nice time and had some of the best Thai food in my life. The visit was too short - mostly due to the need to head home so Josh can get some sleep for the marathon. I hope to see them both very soon.


Josh headed off to the starting line without me at 6 am. I slept in until 7:3o am, which gave me a little more time to eat some breakfast and hydrate before taking the train to Cermak/Chinatown and take my spot on mile 21.5. I found a very shady and cool spot (for a short time) to watch the elite runners come in with their police escorts TWICE.

Josh kept me posted on his pace and where he was in the race. At one point in the race at mile 12.5, he freaked me out totally by telling me that he had the urge to puke off and on. I coached him via text messages on my cell phone. Josh's friend, Nada, came to join to support Josh during the marathon.

When they cancelled the race officially when he was at mile 20 (and on his THIRD e-cap too), I insisted that he take it easy. I was SO happy to see him at my post at mile 21.5. I gave him my only salt packet and the rest of my water to get him through until the next water stop (if there were any). When the race officials were insisting that the runners get off the course, we ended up having a mild argument about whether he should keep on going until the finish. (I wanted him to drop out and thought he was being STUPID. He wanted to keep going.)

After Josh saw us, Nada and I took the train back to the Roosevelt stop and walked to the Finish gate. We stopped at Walgreen for more fluids (I was complete drenched from the humidity just STANDING UP!) Then we got in contact with Shea who met us just between the Shield Tents and the Finish Corral near the Chip Removal spot to wait for Josh.

I then got a text message saying that Josh finally finished. Then I ran up to the Finish Corral and started shouting Josh's name to get his attention. After a quick kiss, we all walked to the end of the corral to wait for Josh to get his Gatorade and bagels (and a cup of Michelob Ultra - something I frowned upon). Then I helped Josh and Shea to the Harrison CTA stop where we took the train home.

Then it was clean up time for everyone before we headed to Fogo de Chao for the men's all they can eat meat to celebrate their marathon finish. The food was excellent, but I LOVED the flambes banana side dish. Yummy! But at the end, I became full way too fast.

After dinner, it was off the RBF post-marathon party. We were all meet by Barb, Mike, Jess and her husband, Jason and Leah, and the rest of blogger guests. Barb put together another great party. I had a great time socializing with everyone. Unfortunately my stay at the party was cut short due to two tired guys who desperately needed to get home and get some sleep.

Today was an additional needed day off to rest and hit the gym for more running and another hour doing weights and core training. It's back to work for me tommorow. Me sad! :(


L*I*S*A said...

So bummed I didn't get to see you! Alas, I was ready to run to Chinatown, just to see you with water.

Thank goodness Josh was safe and sound and not so sunburned!

The party sounded fun, and I'm uber-jealous that I couldn't attend. Drats.

Next year.....

peter said...

Congratulations to Josh for finishing that Fun Run in the Sun.

Wes said...

Don't the sizes at Target run a little big? LOL... Just kiddin! Hey, I shop at Walmart, and I'm not ashamed to admit it!!

Glad to hear you guys had a great weekend. Kudos to Josh for finishing a very difficult race safe and sound!

Danielle said...

Target honestly has some great clothes. They've brought in more lines and have become a place to shop for nicer things...I LOVE Target for all things so no embarassment there.

As for the race...I still think it's ridiculous all the reports that the RD and people associated are giving out when I've heard the truth from runners. Sounds like a big mix up too on if it was cancelled if people could continue, etc...I know a lot of people that are very angry about the whole thing. You'd think 30 years they would have all contingencies thought through.

So Fogo de Chao was good then? I'm going to have to get Lawrence there...

Dori said...

Congratulations on your size 8!

Congratulations too, of course, to Josh for his ordeal. I watched the Twin Cities marathon and got dehydrated just from that. I remember when runners used to have to wear garbage bags at the start to keep warm.

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

You are wonderful.... and thin!

Spandex King said...

The weather sucked!

Pat said...

glad to hear josh was safe and finished. you guys sure do eat at some nice places.

take care and stay safe.

WannaBe5Ker said...

Single digit pants is the best feeling, oh yeah, congrats to you on that. And I heart Target, too!

Couldn't wait to get on and see your RR for Josh. Glad he was ok in it all, and that he got to finish, what an organizational messup:-( But WOW, WTG, Josh & MNFirefly, great teamwork!

Jess said...

Party was fun and it was good to meet you both! You can email me at tygress422 at and I'll send you those pics.

Amy said...

Love the dress and Target totally rocks anyway!

Why did you frown on the beer? Nothing tastes better to me than a post-race beer! Besides, he totally deserved it for continuing on despite the race being cancelled! (not that I'm lecturing you :)

Jess said...

First off congrats on the size 8! That freaking rocks!

Secondly congrats to Josh for finishing the race safely!