Thursday, September 06, 2007

100 days until GRADUATION

Yes, it's the final 100 days until I officially graduate from college. I am so excited, but very tired right now just thinking about it.

Today Josh and I made a very serious attempt at running 3 miles in the awful humidity. It was difficult to do because it was hard to breathe the moist air plus my shin splints were KILLING me. It forced me to stop and stretch a couple of times. I had to cut the run short to 2.75 miles. I am happy with it because it's my final run before the 5K on Saturday. Stretching, massage, and ice were my friend tonight.

Today's run
2.78 miles
10:22/mile - not too bad considering the pain I went through


Tom said...

I guess it's not like you're counting down until graduation....

Good luck with your race and let me know if you need any suggestions for relieving the shin splints. I have some tips tha work for me.

Wes said...

Gradiation! How exciting :-) Save somethin for the 5K!

Jess said...

That 100 days will go by quickly!