Thursday, August 30, 2007

Two runs down....

...but slacking on the trip recap post. (Mostly waiting for a certain someone to download his pictures on our computer so I can POST them with the report. MAJOR HINT!)

But we were able to mark a special accomplishment on Monday by running for the first time TOGETHER IN CHICAGO....and along the lake shore too. It was so great 'cept I think he was trying to kill my ankles with all of the hills through unstable grass and unstable running surfaces. I was cringing and fearing re-rolling my right ankle again or worst yet my left one. But we came up very good at the end.

Monday's run
3 miles
10:58/mile - a little bit slower than Friday, but between shin splints and hills it's great!

Today was another great run day on the treadmill. I needed to give my legs a break from the hard surface since we will have a very hard day on Saturday with lots of mileage. Plus this run was a major milestone where my current shoes need to be retired....for good. They are still in great condition, but the shin splints from Monday and last Friday were the deciding factor. My feet did not feel fresh today, but my legs felt very good and loose.

I ended up with a pair of New Balances (of course!) - NB 858. I need a more Motion Control shoe with all of the bad history I have plus I have high arches and plantar fascitis if that's bad enough. I tried several shoes and went with that. It will be a wait and see if they work out especially with the upcoming 5K on September 8 - one week to go. Along with that, Josh and I joined the online version of Weight Watchers on Wednesday and are preparing to lose those nasty excess non-running pounds (15 for me - 21 for him). It will be a great addition to what I have already done so far.

Today's run
3 miles

Aren't they pretty?

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L*I*S*A said...

There's nothing like a sexy new pair of shoes. :) Love 'em!