Saturday, August 11, 2007

Running does not just need motivation

It's my dieting that A LOT of motivation too. In fact, since I have not running (and moved in with Josh too), I have gained (GULP!) UGLY, NASTY 15 lbs. I have ballooned to 159 lbs. I had to go to my "fat work pants" on Friday - as pair of size 14 pants (normally 10-12 size). I fought myself to get out of it, but I had to. I could not take the pain and discomfort anymore. (I am known as the "lightweight" at work.) It has been YEARS since I have been this heavy. In fact, I lost 50 lbs over 4 1/2 years ago when I was on Weight Watchers after the birth of my daughter (and diabetes threatening me too!)

I used to look like this! (SO sorry for the poor photo quality!)

I know look like this. I can totally see the weight in my face.

I am determined more than ever to get rid of this weight once and for all. After my mom's wedding, I will be going back on Weight Watchers with Josh. We have to motivate ourselves together. My goal weight is 140 lbs - the weight I was in the first picture, but I will hopefully have more muscle tone since I am a runner. I need the speed as well. I know that I am an emotional/boredom eater. I need to find something else to take that time to prevent me from making the same mistakes again.

I feel great after being in the gym 5 days this past week. I am determined to do that again this week too. I am happy with how the running is going. My legs feel great afterwards. My feet still need to slightly adjust to the orthodics, but I know I am feeling the results to effort. I just wish it would COOL DOWN so I can run outside safety without overheating or having to run BEFORE work (4 am - HELL NO!).

My goal is to take the weight off (or most of it) before my 33rd birthday on November 8th. I want to make it happen!

Good luck all of the CDC runners tomorrow. I will be out there with a BIG sign cheering you on....somewhere!


L*I*S*A said...

You can do it, Denise. You'll hit your goal weight no prob. :)

teacherwoman said...

Dear, you are not the only one strugglying with weight! I got on the scale a couple days ago for the first time in 3 months. Scary. I wanted to scream... and cry.

I think you look great! In due time, we will both have made great changes!

Michele said...

good luck. I feel you pain.

BTW, you have been tagged

Wes said...

Once you get back into running, that weight thing won't stand a chance!

Danielle said...

Workouts will definitely help and building muscle tone. I need to get back to strength training, it is what will help me remove the excess...sigh...weight is just an ugly thing.

Anne said...

Like the others have said, you are not alone in wanting to lose a little weight. I personally find it's easier when I'm NOT running, but that's just me. Good luck.