Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Firefly pondering...

.....about her future education options. I am stuck right now, but need to move FAST to start the application process (and testing process too!) I am undecided between two programs. Here's the details so you can help me with a fresh set of eyes: Master of Science - Education with an emphasis in Adult Education Pros
  • Online degree (like current degree program)
  • Reputable school with an excellent program
  • Focuses on my future goals for degree program
  • Can be done in 2 years
  • Can move around if needed during the two years and not worry about stopping program
  • Do not have to spend $100 to take the GRE exam
  • Only requires three letters and answering essay questions
  • Can teach in Criminal Justice, Sociology OR Law Enforcement field if I want to
  • Meets requirements for the program
  • Would need to really buckle down if I want to go onto Ph.D program
  • Will have to a tough time finding an appropriate post-Master's program
Ph.D in Criminal Justice Pro
  • Get to be around other PEOPLE in the classroom
  • Located in Chicago
  • Can stop with Master's degree if I want to
  • Will be a field where I did very well in my undergrad studies
  • Provides a challenge
  • Focuses on the field where I want to turn my career path around
  • Only Ph.D program in the state (and the country)
  • Meet requirements for the program
  • Will have spend more $$ and time to take the GRE
  • Will have to spend 4-5 years of additional school to complete it
What do you bloggers think? I want to use either program to teach after completing my graduate work. Josh has confidence in me that I can do the Ph.D program. Any thoughts?


L*I*S*A said...

I like the sound of Ph.D Firefly. Go for the Doctorate. :)

WannaBe5Ker said...

I guess, Firefly, that I would ask you whom you want to teach. If you "just" want to teach HS and below, you will do nicely with the MS in Ed. I believe you can also teach in a community college with a Masters. If, however, you want to teach college (i.e., people who WANT to be in class), you gotta go for the Ph.D .

I've seen you fight through injury, and meet incredible challenges--I think you can do whichever one you put your mind to, so where do you want to end up?


Jess said...

Ah, finally, something I have knowledge about.

Okay, I have experience teaching for a variety of higher ed institutions, and I have a close friend who works in the higher ups of an online school, and I have advanced degrees, and my best advice is to avoid online institutions (at least, those that are privately owned and for-profit, like Kaplan or Phoenix). Yes, online is convienent, but for-profit institutions are NOT as high quality as they tout themselves. Especially if you're seeking a post-graduate degree. Trust me, when it comes time for employers to examine your education, they WILL consider the difference in schools.

You want the extra time and the classroom with face-to-face interraction with fellow students and instructors, especially in grad school (and the more rigorous coursework and degree requirements). And yeah, you have to take the GRE, and yeah, the test is challenging and expensive, but it is worth it.

My best advice? Go for the on-ground institution (hopefully not something that is for-profit) and you'll get a better education. It takes more time, but most quality things do.

Danielle said...

When it comes to a quality education, you never want to go for the bargain. When I was looking at undergrads, my thought all along was for what I wanted to do when I finished my undergrad and that meant maybe an MBA and I wanted that option. Just because you get the master's, doesn't mean you have to go for the PhD, but I think you'll be happier knowing that you have the option. And yeah, the test will suck, but it's a small part of the whole process.

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

We already know you are way smarter than me.  Once you get your PhD it will be official.

Go get 'em, sweetheart!

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I sure feel ya here. I had a lot of trouble comparing different schools and deciding which path was right for me. I can't really say much though, except that I agree with several people that in-person/on-land education is generally a better bet.

Best of luck in whatever you chose!