Monday, May 28, 2007

Wedding a quick summary.

This weekend was very busy for the most part, but very enjoyable. It is always nice to have a long holiday weekend and attended a friends' wedding. It is even better to share it with someone who I love. Friday As you saw on my previous blog post, I spend my Friday night shoe shopping with Justya while Josh went to a bachelor party. We were at DSW shoe warehouse for 2 hours where I SWEAR I went thought I went through EVERY pair of shoe in the shoe. (Well, that's an over statement - I admit!) It was fun, but frustrating because of my damn wide feet. UGH! Saturday After sleeping in a little bit with Josh, I attempted to work on a homework assignment that was due on Sunday. It did not get done because the servers at my university were down 2 out of the 3 days this weekend. No worries because it did get done. After he returned from his great run (as he wrote in latest blog entry), we took Sadie to the vet clinic to board her up for the weekend since we were prepping for Josh's friends's wedding on Sunday. It was a sad moment (and a little bit guilty since he has never boarded at the vet office before), but everything turned out okay. After dropping Sadie off, we headed off to Loop for some more shoe shopping. I have thank my wonderful sweetheart for putting up with me when it came down to selecting the shoes. I do not like to spend too much on shoes that will only sit for special occasions (which are few in between), but it was necessary in this moment. After I finally decided on cute pair at the Naturalizer shoe store, we did more shopping for stuff to go with the shoes and my cute black dress. I found a very great pearl necklace and earrings (that did look very real) for only $7.99 at Filene's Basement - compared to $30 for the real thing at another store. I LOVE a good deal when I see one. Since we were both very tired from running around shopping most of the afternoon (and it was so rainy and deary out), we headed home to good takeout Sushi and watched the movie, Bobby, on the couch. The rest of the evening was relaxed and romantic together. No details needed beyond this. Sunday After a very fun evening and another morning to try to sleep in since it will be a long day period, I headed off to the Hair Cuttery to get my hair done for the wedding. I spent about 90 minutes in the chair and some $ later with a great new updo for the wedding. In fact, the updo lasted the WHOLE day and into today (which is MIRACLE itself). I then headed home to finish getting ready before we had to meet our friend, Kristin, who was giving us a ride to the wedding in Alsip. It was great to see more part of the South parts of the city. I have not yet to be given a tour of the South side yet so it was nice to experience it from the car. We headed to the Doubletree hotel that we were staying and also the place for the wedding reception (How convenient!) Then it was off to the church (where we got lost the first of two times during the trip - don't ask how!) The wedding was beautiful. It was fun to meet more of Josh's friends (which I enjoyed!) After the wedding, we headed back to hotel for the reception, but stopped somewhere for some much needed food (forgot to eat lunch before heading to the wedding) on the way. We quickly ate it in the hotel room and then head downstairs to join the party. The party was awesome and had a great time. I will not share all of the detail of the reception (alot of the stuff is still fuzzy), but I will mention one thing. Josh caught the garter during the garter toss - not once, but TWICE. They did a do-over for some technical reason that I was unclear. After he took pictures with Kristin, who caught the bridal bouquet, with the wedding photographer, he placed the garter on my leg and very proud to wear it. I loved the dancing and was quite the party girl on the dance floor. We were up until 3 AM before crashing in our hotel room. Today We woke up to a wake-up call from the groom to join them for brunch. It was a great ending to a great weekend. Then we headed home. The only thing on our agenda is to RELAX before reality hits for the start of the work week (which was extended to Saturday - ugh!) Running is planned for tomorrow - weather permitting! More pictures as soon as I obtain them.


Wes said...

Wow! So many weddings. Must be spring :-) Looks like you guys were having fun. So cool.

WannaBe5Ker said...

OMG OMG OMG, been away as you know and thought YOU got married!!!!

Glad you had such a good time, I always love your photos:-)

Thanks also for checking up on me:-)

Jess said...

Glad it was fun, even if it finding the right shoes was a pain!

L*I*S*A said...

Happy to hear the shoes worked out well and way to go, Josh, on catching that garter!!