Saturday, May 05, 2007

My ABC's.....

A- Attached or Single? Attached

B- Best Friend: Josh

C- Cake or Pie: Pie - Pumpkin

D- Drink of Choice: Water - nonalcohic; Sangria - alcoholic

E- Essential Item: My cell phone

F- Favorite Color: Yellow

G- Gummi Bears or Worms? Gummy Bears

H- Hometown: Shoreview, MN I- Indulgence: Anything with Dark Chocolate on it.

J- January or February: February

K- Kids: I have two of them...and do not plan to have anymore.

L- Life is incomplete without: family

M- Marriage Date: The "M" word will NOT be discussed in this blog at this time.....period! N- Number of Siblings: Oldest of three children - one sister and one brother

O- Oranges or Apples? Apples

P- Phobias/Fears: Heights, amusement rides that go fast, spiders, snakes, failure in anything, not having enough $$$ Q- Favorite Quote: "The bottom line is that (a) people are never perfect, but love can be, (b) that is the one and only way that the mediocre and vile can be transformed, and (c) doing that makes it that. We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love." Tom Robbins

R- Reasons to smile: 4.0 GPA last semester; 7 months away from graduation; living with someone who love very much

S- Season: SPRING!

T- Tag Three: Nicole; Rae; Full Metal Lunchbox(Josh)

U- Unknown Fact About Me: I am a talented musician (played piano) and vocalist, but have not done anything musical in 15 years.

V-Vegetarian or Not: Not

W- Worst Habit: biting my nails when bored or nervous (ugly habit)

X – X-rays or Ultrasounds? Either

Y- Your Favorite Foods: corn on the cob; hummus and pita bread; chocolate Z- Zodiac: Scorpio


Running by.... said...

Nice list!

Jess said...

I love, love, love hummus and pita bread. It's an awesome snack!

Sorry, very random thing to note from your list.

L*I*S*A said...

Cool game and even better responses!


Hey I'm a scorpio toO!! nice..

jeanne said...

just don't eat all your favorite foods at once! that might not work out.
Nice list!