Monday, May 07, 2007

De-stressing after the Mondays

It was a very BAD Monday (at least in the morning). I ran late to work due to an uncooperative backpack, but made it on the Red Line after sprinting down the street. (Thank GOD I was wearing athletic shoes!) Then I had to tend to bad news from the weekend upon my return to work. UGHHHH! Then getting grossed out first thing in the morning by one of my officers who told me about his adventures in the morgues (to keep it short: one body bag and red bodily fluid LEAKING out of it onto the floor - 'nough said! SO gross!) On top of that, I received bad news about the car and will be in the process of getting a new vehicle upon my return to MN. :( Thank goodness for the gym where I can unwind and remove the stress after work. I want to get back outside and run, but I will do it soon enough. Today's workout 40 minutes - Elliptical 4.01 miles 9:58/mile - Awesome pace!


Wes said...

Blah! Tough day at the office! Gives us a good perspective so we recognize the good ones when they come along!!

RunnerGirl said...

I agree with Wes! SOrry you had sucha rtroublesome day!

Which gym to you work out at in Chi-town? When I visit there I hit one of the Bally's with my friend Shar.

And it is set girl - I AM doing the Chicago Distance Classic!!!! And I will be in CHi-town 8/10-8/13... so we all need to get together!

Jess said...

Ick, touch Mondays always make the rest of the week seem longer. Hope yours improves though!

Jess said...

At least you take your stress out on the elipitical instead of, like, a dozen donuts.

Danielle said...

Oh no, what was bad news from the weekend? Hate bad Monday's...Mine actually was pretty decent, ended up seeing Spiderman 3...didn't expect to get to that for a while yet!