Thursday, March 08, 2007

Gotta love new ways to deliver pain meds

On the other hand, taking it off after 4 hours on my knee is a BITCH!! PT session was not too bad today. BTW, anyone want a beer? Read this.

Plus the world is ending as we know it when Krispy Kreme is coming out with WHOLE WHEAT DONUTS!!


Danielle said...

I want that fridge!!

Well, I'd be more inclined to eat one of them with it being whole wheat. California Pizza Kitchen has a honey wheat crust that I tried and it was really yummy...wish that was an option at more pizza places...along with reduced fat cheese, smaller portion sizes at restaurants, etc...I'd be more inclined to eat out!!

That doesn't look like a fun thing on the knee!!

Dori said...

Boy, you sure had an eventful week! Congratulations on the job and how exciting about the move. I'm sure your kid's will adjust quickly to their new town, and your new BF. Chicago will be a great place to live!

L*I*S*A said...

WOW...Krispy Kreme and whole wheat? Seems a foreign concept.

Jess said...

Does the fact that they're made from whole wheat somehow improve on the fact that they are deep-fried and glazed with sugar?

Irene said...

Cool knee meds thingy! Technology is a wonderful thing! I hope it helps you. Take care.