Thursday, March 01, 2007

Another damn winter storm....

....and I am SO sick and tired of it. I am sitting here at work until 8:30 tonight and pulling a 12 hours shift. I can not go home because I am essential staff and will have to work tomorrow, but I get DOUBLE time today and tomorrow as an incentive. I am SO nervous driving home in this crap. **sigh** Snow, snow. GO AWAY! Come back next November...please!!


teacherwoman said...

Isn't it just wonderful! Not. We didn't have school today. Sounds like we have to make this day up on the end of the school year...yeah!

RunnerGirl said...

Darn winter!

My traineo page is at

I am soooo sick girl.

I do miss you though! Chicago - 8/12. Be there to help me to ring in 29 wonderful years of being alive and to run the distance classic. Just sayin!


It's not snowing here in Az. but geez it's still too cold for me. I'd rather we sweating hot, then shivering cold...I've been sleeping with sweats and long tee with a sweater plus the warmer for my feet. I refuse to pay for heat.. I moved here cause it was suppose to be warm already...I hope it heats up in your area soon. Does it have anything to do with all those torontos???