Friday, February 09, 2007

Full of smiles

This smile has gotten bigger since it was taken yesterday after my haircut (which I really needed). I want to thank everyone who responded to my blog post yesterday. After I wrote that post, I felt a little bit better but I still had a good 30-45 minute cry session in the middle of the day to release the tension (right before the haircut too). I finished my awesome 2,175 word paper last night too, which was a breeze to get the last 1,000 words written within 90 minutes. Hell, I just found out on Wednesday that I have a typing speed of 51 WPM with a 93% accuracy. I am a speed typer besides a speed runner. I almost set for my trip to Chicago and weekend visit with Josh. Only 19 hours and 5 minutes to go before I arrive at O'Hare. I have my own right to countdown since it has been 38 days, 6 hours, and 10 minutes since I have last seen him. Tee-hee! Ain't love grand!

P.S. Send LOTS of strength and encouragement on Sunday afternoon between 12:45 and 5:00 PM. I am testing with Elk Grove Heights Police Department - both written and physical agility. Yes, it's for a police officer position! It consists of 1.5 mile run that I need to complete within 16:52 (TOTALLY Firefly do-able if you saw my previous 5K paces before!), completing a minimum of 27 sit-ups, push-up (in substitute for a bunch press), and sit and reach. Please wish me lots of luck. Will submit results as they come in.

Update: I received the grade for the long paper. An awesome A. Final grade will come on Sunday.


Full Metal Lunchbox said...

I can't wait to see you tomorrow!

And I think you are going to do fantastic on Sunday.  This is the kind of position you've been preparing for a long time, and I know you'll perform well.

I believe in you.

Neese said...

you look beautiful, it must be love! :)

Wes said...

Have a good time on your trip, and good luck on your tests. Go get'em girl!

Marty said...

Great Pix FireFly, Have a great weekend:)


teacherwoman said...

Great photo! I will be thinking of you on sunday and sending good vibes.

P.S. Awesome job on the paper! That's a good feeling.

Danielle said...

Have fun...and good luck at the tests. Now I thought you weren't supposed to run?

Pat said...

good luck on the Police Dept. test. I know you'll do well.

Arizona, USA

Irene said...

It sounds like you're gonna ace your Police Dept. test! Good luck with it!

I just caught you post about your little angel. It was beautiful and very touching.

Jess said...

Whooo hooo on your A! Good luck on your physical tests, you'll totally rock them!