Sunday, January 21, 2007

Prayers have been answered.....

.....and the AVS WON! WHOOOOHOOO! 3-1. I am saved for one more week. Anyway, I need retract ONE of the things that I mentioned in my last post. It seems like I upset a few KU fans, included a black 4 legged one name Phog. I did not realized how serious of a fan you guys are. Can I offer a peace branch with doggie treats - low fat ones since you are on a diet (or you can beg and plead to have the regular ones - but ONE per DAY.) Please forgive me! It hit me while I was drinking a good Lambic and eating a late dinner consisting three White Castle burgers (PLEASE do not ask about that, people! LONG story!) Additional comment: I do promise to buy at least ONE or TWO beers to all of those (especially from the Chicago area!) I offended on a night of drinking when I am in town. But I am routing for the Chicago Bears today since my MN Vikings SUCK. I am so sorry that I am a die-hard sports GEEK and get too obnoxious at times, but I know how to let go and have a good sense of HUMOR. Thank GOD that I have certain people who love me enough to not let it bother them. I asked my friend, Chris, about my Sport GEEKINESS. He just looked away from me and then took 10 minutes to answer this question (maybe the fact that the Avs won last night had to do with it!). I guess this divorce has caused me to look for other things besides food to take my mind off of it and lose my head in the process. Sports is one of them. I AM SO SORRY!


Full Metal Lunchbox said...

Pugs have notoriously short attention spans, and I'll bet that Phog has already forgotten about your bird-hating comments.

But I imagine you are going to have to be extra nice to get back on his MySpace friends list.

Wes said...

Being an obsessed sports geek is like number one on the list of a lot of fine men :-) No apologies necessary.