Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Music for Firefly

Happy Hump Day!! Well, now that I have decided to go down to the half-marathon, I need to some good music to listen to while I complete it. I know that there will bands along with the half-marathon route, but not EVERYONE. Thank GOD for my iPod to get me through those quiet areas that would require additional inspiration. On top of the t-shirt I created to inspire me when I arrive in Phoenix, I would like to have the music I listen to during the entire race to do the same thing - inspire me. In order to complete the 13.1 miles at 10:00/mile pace or faster, I need about 36 songs - about 3 songs per mile. The music needs to inspiring to keep me moving through the course. Each of you can contribute one, two, or even three songs, which I would play together and know that you are cheering me on during the race. After I get enough songs, I will either check to see if they are one that I have already or I would download them from iTunes. I may even burn the songs onto a CD if anyone's interested too. I will post the list of songs in order by mile right before I head out to Phoenix. I look forward to carry all of you during the race in spirit. The race is getting closer and closer. The new year is almost here as well. I hope this race will be a good start for the new year. I have a few things will be changing in my life during the new year. I hope that this is one of those things. Today was a good cross-training. Legs are still a little bit dead still from Saturday's run. I did turn down the intensity and resistance a bit. I will try to get a nice 3 mile recovery run tomorrow on the treadmill or just rest the legs if needed. Today's work-out 35 minutes- Elliptical machine 3.49 miles 379 calories burned 10:01/mile - still slightly slow...ugh!


Full Metal Lunchbox said...

Nice post today.  Love the animated GIF's!

I know we've already talked about what song you will play for me on your race, but I'm going to recommend a few others--not for the race itself, but for before the starting gun.

Night Before:  "Rue the Day" by The Walkmen

Walk to Start Area:  "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkely

Warmup:  "Thirteen" by Johnny Cash

I've uploaded these titles to my website and you'll find them at

Hopefully these songs will get you prepared for the big event.

Good luck!!!

Angie said...

Modest Mouse: Float On

Veruca Salt: Shimmer Like a Girl

Fiona Apple: Extraordinary Machine

Marty said...

I train with music, but race without. I like to experience the race. The grunts, the pain, the curses,( mostly mine) the conversations you have with fellow runners : ) Ahhh memories! You don't get that with head phones on. But hey, who is I : ) Good luck at your race! You will Rock!


Neese said...

neat idea!
in the spirit of your first photo put me down for Pussycat Dolls: Doncha

Kristi said...

I love Eye of the Tiger (Survivor) and When the Going Gets Tough (Billy Ocean). Anytime I'm feeling like I can't keep going those two songs always do the trick for me.

Lana said...

During the later miles:
"Right Now" by Van Halen

Kurt said...

For me listen to Stranglehold (live is best version) by Ted Nuggent.