Sunday, December 24, 2006

Even kitties..

Love my roller and sleep on it.


Kurt said...

Awww, I want to take a nap there also!

Congrats on the good half marathon. Listening to the body is always smart idea.

I am pleased I was with you as you ran.

Everyone on the Internet said...

We loves the cat photos.

TriBoomer said...

I love my roller too.

Denise, how did you print the names on your TNT shirt?

L*I*S*A said...

You did a very good thing by listening to your inner self and changing to the half. Remember: there will ALWAYS be another marathon to run. Better to head into one healthy and ready to go than unprepared and injured.

You ROCK!!!!!

Oh, and *meow* to your kitty friend. So cute!

Spikey1 said...

Been there, done that, have the tee shirts! Way to go.