Monday, November 06, 2006

Trip Details

Well, I am back home now. I was tired from the lack of sleep. (Yes, I did not sleep well both nights. I will explain more in the posting. I left with my husband, who drove me, from my apartment to the airport at 9:30 a.m for my 11:50 a.m. flight to Colorado Springs. My husband, who does like to fly or like to see me fly, was a nervous wreck. I tried to keep myself calm and deal with his nervousness. The check-in at the terminal was a piece of cake. Since I had an e-ticket, the check-in took only 5 minutes. Then I said my good-byes to the husband and then headed through the security checkpoint. I did not have any problems, but my cell phone set off the alarm and had to go back through. Once I was through the security checkpoint, I walked around and found the boarding gate. Since I had about 90 minutes before my flight left, I walked around the airport. I found a bar in the main shopping area and had a small drink, which costed me $6.00?! OMG! But I did need something to take the edge off before my flight. After my drink, I walked back to the boarding gate and sat down until it was time to board the plane. My seat was on the back of the plane at room 24 out of 26. **sigh** But I did get a window seat so I can not complain. The flight was almost smooth 'cept for a little bit of turbulance. Once we got closer to Colorado Springs, I got very antsy to get off of the plane. I was SO excited to see the mountains especially the view of Pike's Peak. When I was finally cleared to turn on my cell phone, I texted my husband and my personal driver and friend that my plane was on the ground. I walked my towards the baggage claim. It did not take that long to claim my baggage. Then I was off to find my friend, who was outside in his car since he could not find a parking spot in the parking lot. I found him right away. He placed my bags in the trunk of his car and we started driving away from the airport. (To be continued due to Blogger issues)

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