Monday, November 06, 2006

Trip Details - Part 2

Well, my friend, Chris, and I drove away from the airport and started to head toward the main office for the school district. While I was out there, I needed to obtain my high school transcript for potential job opportunities and background investigations. When I arrived there, I felt like I was taken back in time to when I arrived in Colorado Springs during my Senior year. It was awesome. I obtained my transcripts and we were on our way again. Since both of us were hungry, we grabbed a late lunch and caught up with each other. After lunch, we drove over to the Citadel mall, which I used to work at when I lived in Colorado Springs. We walked around. Once again, I felt like I was at home. Even though the mall changed quite a bit, the feelings still stayed the same. After the stop at the mall, we drove towards the north side of the city to head toward my hotel room. I pointed out places along the route that I found familiar even it has been many years since I have been there. When I arrived at the hotel room, I checked in and obtained my room keys. Then he drove me up to my room and uploaded my luggage. The rest of the evening had us laying low and taking it easy since both of us were sleep deprived before he headed home. As for the first night in the room, it was horrible. There were guests that were talking very loudly outside of our room. In fact, someone attempted to get into my room until I came to the door and asked that they were doing (that's CLEAN version!). They were talking until at least 11:30 when I finally fell asleep. Then I was woken up at 3 a.m by a couple who was arguing very loudly and slamming doors. UGHHHHH! I just wanted to get some sleep...PLEASE! On Saturday morning, Chris was up and over by 8 am. I was still tired for a little so I stayed up. He had an unexpected practice with his band, who are prepping for a battle of band competition. He left at 11 am to get ready for practice. I decided at that time to check my e-mail, which was flowing, and print out bus schedules to head out for some sightseeing. I decided to head to the U.S. Olympic Training Center. Before heading out for some sight-seeing, I need some fuel in the stomach. I walked across a busy street to the Waffle House. I have not personally ate there before so it was a new experience for me. I ended up having a chocolate chip waffle. It was YUMMY, but very filling. Then I took the city bus to the U.S. Olympic Training Center. It did not take me that long to get there. I took a free 30 minute tour with a group and took some pictures along the way. We had an Olympian help out the tour, which was very cool. (More to post in part 3 - damn Blogger!)


teacherwoman said...

You lived in Colorado Springs??? How much did you LOVE it??

Firefly's Running said...

I loved it very much. I loved waking up to seeing the mountain. The cost of living is cheaper there...sigh...and it's so much to do out there.