Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Sorry for the technical difficulties

I have reported the problem with the pictures to Blogger. UGH!! Now I can say that this is not completely perfect. As for the previous post, I appreciate some of the insight so far. I really feel a little bit better (and lighter) after posting it. I felt a little nervous posting this, but it is now out of my system and feel like I can now be my true self. I like being open with things going on in my life. It takes a while to build confidence to talk to someone about it. I have been backstabbed too many times in my life (that must explain some of my lower back pain) and have lost trust in friends in the past. I appreciate any support right now. This is a very tough time of the year for me. It reminds me too much of the things I have lost after my husband's job re-assignment and makes me very sad. It also reminds me all of the things that I can not provide my kids this time of the year unlike their dad. Well, enough the Eliptical machine.


Wes said...

When I was growing up, my mom supported four kids on 24K a year and child support. Don't place too much faith in material things. My love and admiration for my mother transcends all things.

Jess said...

Yeah, I can't see the pictures below, so I might be a little behind. But I agree with Wes.

My parents are divorced and money was always tight for my mom when my brother and I were kids. I didn't know McDonald's even sold fries until I was in, like, middle school because if we got to go to McDonald's (biggest treat in the world), we never even got the option of fries: nuggets or burgers. That was it.

I turned out fine. I didn't need fries.

electrojosh said...

"Nuggets or Burger" would be a good name for a grunge garage band, no?

Firefly's Running said...

ROFL! Ah...sorry, but no, Josh!