Friday, November 17, 2006

I feel GOOD!

Well, I got another day of cross-training done. To answer Kurt's question, my ankle feels good with the aircast on. I just do not want to depend on it too much than what I need to. I do take it off when I workout on the eliptical machine and wear a thicker sock while I wear my neoprine sleeve over the ankle. It seems to make the difference. I do plan to purchase a better ankle wrap this weekend from Road Runner Sports. As I was working out, I was approached by one guys who frequently works out at my gym. I thought he was going to come over because I had switched machines a minute or two sooner and wanted my preferred machine. But instead, he came over to say that I looked really good and noticed the slow weight loss. He's a frequent runner on the running track so I knew that he knew what was talking about. I was impressed and gave me LOTS of warm fuzzies. I finished the rest of my workout on a happy note. Well, tommorow's another day of cross-training. My TNT supposed to meet, but I can not run for another week. Sunday will be a rest day. Please send more prayers of an awesome performance to my friend, Chris's group - Hazen tonight and tommorow. Also send them some love too! They have their FIRST big gig tommorow at the Largest Battle of the Bands in Colorado that takes place at the Hubba's House of Rock in Aurora, CO. They have worked SO hard to get this far and deserve to enjoy the fruits of their effort. They are SO excited about this opportunity. The top prize is $10,000 and a recording contract. Good luck, Hazen (Chris, Jenna, Geno, and Jack)! ROCK ON! Today's work-out 50 minutes - Eliptical machine 4.83 miles 565 calories burned 10:21/mile

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Dori said...

Wow, how nice of that guy to compliment you. Good job on all your hard work!

Good luck to your friend, Hazen, and his band. Let us know how they did.