Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Firefly's Thanksgiving Day Challenge

Well, people, I THOUGHT I was going to get out today and workout, but there was one problem that I had to deal with. I had to get all of my pre-Thanksgiving shopping done and still go to work. Ah...I will NOT be able to do that if I waited until 11:30 and have only 30 minutes to get it all done. Ah....NO! So I sacrificed my workout - the legs were sore anyway - and did all of my errands before 1:45. Well, it is all done and I am happy!

Now....on to the subject, which I titled my blog entry with. Yes, after the last few weeks of stuff going on, I thought I would be appropriate to kick-off the Thankgiving challenge. No, it is NOT a challenge to see how much food you stuff in your mouth tommorow. (Well, you can still try it if you want to.) The point of the challenge is to express all of the things and people who are thankful for this year and every year on your blog on Thanksgiving. I am openning up this challenge to all of my favorite blogs (who will be getting a note of it in a comment entry.) and everyone else who reads my blog. I challenge all of you to post at least 20 things that you are thankful for on your blog. You can get as creative as you like. I will kick it off in this blog today and will continue it in tommorow's entry. 1. Having two healthy kids 2. Having a roof over my head 3. Have at least one parent still living (and healthy) 4. Earning my Associate's Degree this past August 5. Passing the MN Peace Officer Exam in August 6. Working at a great place, even with all of the usual office politics. 7. Living in a country where I am free post my feelings and remain true to myself. 8. Financial Aid so I can continue with my Bachelor of Science degree. 9. Getting 6 months closer to graduation, but still over one year away. 10. For the fellow men and women in blue and/or khaki, who may have to work on Thanksgiving to protect our communities and those who are trying kill their family members after the alcohol kicks in. 11. For our service people who are away from their families and serving our country in order to keep our country free to terriorists. 12. For the fellow men and women who gave their lives on the line during this past year and the families who they left behind who supported them 13. To my fellow P.F. Chang marathon-mates who are training with me and supporting each other until we meet in January 2007. 14. Marisa (Ugly Toes) - who was there with me when we cheered the TCM runners in October 15. Danielle (Running in MN) - who attended with me and Marissa, but also there to cheer me on during my recent (and hopefully LAST) running injury 16. Teacherwoman - Cheering me on during my training and giving support during my injury 17. Barb (Running Jayhawk) & Mike (OOSG) - Cheering each other(mostly Running Jayhawk) on during the 1st P.F. Chang's race and then cheering me on while I train and fundraise again even tho' they are both KU Jayhawk fans. (Go Buffs!) 18. Jess (21 Days) - Giving support during my training and during the latest injury 19. Josh (Full Metal Lunchbox) - Being very supportive during this difficult time, listening me to babber on the phone for over 90 minutes last night, supporting me during the training, after my injury, and giving me the award for more frequent visitor to his blog. 20. Neese (Running with Neese) - Being very supportive, having the same awesome first name, both being redheads, cheering me on during the training, all of the races 21. Wes - for being very supportive during the training, fundraising, and after my injury 22. Runnergirl (Adventures in Running) - being supportive during the training, being an inspiration after your own ankle injury, 23. AJ (Little Miss Runner Pants) - inspiration through life, sharing your awesome (and not-so-awesome) stories about guys, biking, running, and life in general. 24. Running Rabbit - being an inspiration to all of us female runners for not taking crap from the administration at your school about your wardrobe, being very brave to wear 3 inch heel to work, run very hard and completing your first marathon, having the courage to put more swearing and suggestive material in your posts which brightens my day reading them. 25. Tara (Tara's Dreamer Tales) - having the courage to stop training when an injury prevents to complete the Chicago marathon and get back in the saddle again. 26. 21st Century Mom - being inspiration by finishing very well during a half-marathon and being an awesome examploe of a very hip mom 27. Nicole (Powered by Vegetables) - being an inspiration on not giving up during the marathon training, her strength as she dealt with his mother's passing, and running very fast 28. Rae and Brent (Running in a brick wall) - Being an awesome runners and completing TWO marathons within a month while cheering me on as well during my training. 29. Kristi (Adventures of a Running Monkey) - giving a lot of support during the training, providing awesome rehab information for my injured ankle, and love my new drink idea of a Dirty Monkey. 30. JKRunning - being supportive during my training, being a great inspiration as a strong woman while her husband serves in Iraq, kicking a** in A & P (much better than me!) 31. Jason and Leah (Marathon Running) - being an inspiration as awesome runners, sharing their trip to England and making it very entertaining and educational at the same time 32. Cassie (TIGGS) - being very supportive during the training, also an inspiration during the another TNT teammate - GO TEAM! 33. Jeanne (Not Born to Run) - being very supportive during my training even after the injury and an awesome example of putting lots of effort into completing MCM. 34. Mouse - being an awesome example of how to really conquer trail races (even though I am still trying to figure out HOW), an awesome example of strength in the blog post while dealing with the passing of her mom from cancer. (Cancer SUCKS!), and just being awesome (Am I using the word enough??) 35. Angie (One Pink Fuzzy) - being very supportive during the training, an awesome example of being brave and posting about the realities of her life out into blog-land. 36. Dori (She Do Run Run) - being very supportive, showing how to conquer the Big Sur half-marathon in October, and being an awesome MN runner (for now!)

37. Lisa (Marathon Journey) - thankful for the all support, encouragement, wisdom, and a great example of an awesome runner that wears a great running skirt. Well, that's all until tommorow. I hope enjoy it so far.


Rose said...

I like the idea of the challenge - I already published my Thanksgiving post on the same theme. Great minds think alike! ;-) Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

Thanks for the tribute, Denise.  I know you are are in inspiration to many of us in the running community.

Check out my blog in the next day or so for my list, if the triptofan from the turkey doesn't distract me from your challenge.

Kristi said...

What a nice post. You are just too cute!

Jess said...

Thanks for the "thanks." But also "thanks" to you! You're always such a diligent commenter and poster that I always know you'll be there with some good advice or commentary for whatever I'm currently going through in my training.

I wish I'd seen your suggestion earlier to post 20 things I'm thankful for on my blog; instead, I just blogged about the usual: myself. And how I did on my turkey trot. However, I will be keeping those that I'm thankful for in mind today, but thanks for reminding me what the holiday is about!

Have a good Thanksgiving!

Marty said...

Happy running and Happy Turkey Day!


L*I*S*A said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! :)

Rae said...

Wow! That's so sweet! I think you must know every RBF blogger out there and what they're up to!!

Happy post turkey day!

Wanna-be 5k-er said...

Even when all is not rosey, this is a great list to be mindful of all there is in life to be thankful for. Thank you!