Friday, November 10, 2006

Cross-training, baby!!

Thanks again to my RBF friends who posted their wonderful wishes. For the record, Laurie gave the correct answer and that I am now 32 years. Oh my gawd, I am SO old!! I am SO happy today because the snow MISS US. YAYYYYYYYY! Note to Chicago bloggers, the snow will be there tonight or tommorow morning. The residents of the S. Minnesota had to SHARE it with you. :D I had a hard time waking up this morning after taking some Advil PM last night to deal with a slight pain in the bad ankle/foot. :( I just wanted to sleep through the night...PLEASE!! But when I ask NO snow on the ground, I was VERY happy. I slowly got up this morning and ate something to turn off the sleepiness. I waited until 11:15 to decide that I will do some cross-training on the eliptical machine. I moved by butt in the bedroom and changed in the work-out gear. I then headed to the gym for 40 minutes on the eliptical machine and some lower body weight training. It felt good to do it. Tommorow will be the same thing. Sunday will be my first attempt at doing some serious miles with my TNT group. To those who are cringing right now, RELAX. I plan to take it slow.....very slow (at least I hope the message gets to my legs and lungs - at the same time.) Today's workout 40 minutes - Eliptical machine 3.88 miles 10:18/mile 477 calories burned MySpace Icons
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electrojosh said...

Random comments....

1) Since you are using the "beta" version of Blogger, I can only post comments under my alter ego Electrojosh.  "Full Metal Lunchbox" doesn't work for some reason.

2) I'm commenting on your blog at 2AM because I am a light sleeper and my friends have no sense of when it's appropriate to wake me up.

3) No snow here yet. :)

4) The eliptical is a good workout.  I just joined a gym again primarily so I can have access to the eliptical machine.

5) My spell checker is having a problem with the word "eliptical."  Am I spelling it right?

6) I just checked my stats, and it's official: you are the most frequent visitor to my blog!  If you ever come to Chicago I'll give you a plaque or something.

That is all.  I'm going back to bed now.

Jess said...

I'm glad your crossing training is going well. Good luck with your run tomorrow. Listen to your body though and don't push it too much and you should do awesome!

teacherwoman said...

Nice job on the cross training! Sounds like there's a lot of snow south and east of you!!

Kristi said...

Reallly??? You're 32 now? You don't look it at all. If I had guessed, I would have guessed 24, and I would have been way wrong, but earned some serious points(-:

Laurie said...

Yay! I have been an excellent guesser recently. Did I win anything? ;)

Marty said...

32 years? Who would of guessed? Not me of course. I would of put you about mid 20's at least. Must be all that marathon training : ) Only hope I look as good when I reach 32.... in my next life : )

Take care!