Monday, October 30, 2006

What the hell was I thinking.....

...when wrote the last post?! I forgot to put the important information in the point. Plus the VIKES SUCK. I wish I had more booze in the house because it would take a ton to numb myself from the HUGE loss. **sigh** BTW, the countdown is starting.....48 hours before RECOMMITTMENT on November 1st. I have the pancake breakfast set for December and need to reach recommitment goal before I can go there. I will do ANYTHING to get obtain that goal. Anything. Well, almost anything. I can do it and I will do it! Time for Firefly to go to bed. Today's work-out 35 minutes - Eliptical machine 3.32 miles 376 calories burned 10:32/mile (Yes...I might have been pushing it. Let the lecturing begin...) P.S. Dori finished Big Sur 1/2 marathon with 2:52:04 finish time....awesome job, Dori!


Kurt said...

Your right the Vikings suck, hockey sucks, in fact all M states should be sold off! Toss in PA also, I dont like them either LOL

It is hard being a Seattle fan. LOL

21st Century Mom said...

Sorry about your foot... I've been a blog reader for you.

What you can do for recommitment is tell us where to go to donate so you make your goal! Is there an on-line site? Sorry if it is your sidebar somewhere but I can't find it.

Go Firefly! (but not too hard just yet - hate for you to reinjure yourself)

Danielle said...

Hey now, don't bash my Vikes!! They might have lost, but they have playing decent considering it's a fairly young/new team and no "stars" at this point. No matter what I love my Vikes!!