Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Twins down 0-1 in the series :(

...oh POOH! :( But it's the first game of the series and we have at least 3 games to catch up. We will do better tomorrow afternoon. Go Twins GO! We are the Piranhas of baseball! Anyways, thanks for the support over the weekend. I appreciate it a lot. My leg has FINALLY felt better today as you will see later in this post. Yesterday, my legs was still struggling. I decided to NOT push my legs and do some cross-training on the elliptical instead. It was well worth it! I did not push myself and just allowed myself to get the work done. After my cr0ss-training session, I headed home to shower and get ready for a follow-up doctor's appointment with the lung doctor. I laughed at the thought of going back there especially after Saturday's run. I had to do more breathing tests, which were not so more torturous as the last time I did them. I saw the doctor afterwards, where I reviewed a chest CT with him (It was NORMAL..of course!). Before I left, I got my flu shot done and OVER WITH. I was one of the first patients to have them done. I feel SO special! Afterward, I head to the police department where I work at and drove around the city 3 hours. We took a guy to jail for felony theft and then headed home to change. I then joined my family for dinner to celebrate my mom's birthday. Unfortunately, just before dinner, the damn flu shot started making me feel like CRAP. UGH! I was just starting to feel better after Saturday's run and now THIS. After dinner, I headed home and took it very easy. I even took an epson salt bath after I took off the tape on my leg, which was a royal BITCH to take off. Today was a VERY busy today. I got up this morning at 8 am so I can get my 4 mile run in before the busy morning started. My run was okay. I made the mistake of NOT covering my time and mileage, which I will NOT do next time. I was able to crank the treadmill up to the 11:45/mile pace for 1.5 miles before going back down and then back up again for 0.5 mile. There was no pain my feet at all. My calf was slightly in the beginning, but not sore at all now. I hope to get outside tommorow or Thursday for an outdoor run. I feel like I am fighting the treadmill because of the resistance. Plus I think my legs were still recovering still from Saturday's run. After my run, I quickly changed, showered, and changed again into my business suit to head to a job interview for a Police Officer position. My husband and I drove together because we are interviewing for the same job. (Yes, we do take it well - a little competition did not hurt anyone.) My husband interviewed first, then I went in. It was not too bad, but I get the bad feeling that I did not do so well. Oh well! Afterwards, we drove towards home and picked up some lunch before driving home to change...again! We relaxed for a little bit - or tried to - while watching the Twins play on TV. Then we headed to work. Tommorow's a 5 or even 6 mile run - either indoors or outside depending on the weather. We will see. It's raining right now as I write. I don't know if it will clear up by morning. We will see. Monday's work-out 45 minutes - eliptical machine 4.32 mile 10:24/mile Today's Work-out 4 mile run (treadmill) 48:00 12:00/mile 512 calories burned


Nicole said...

Glad you are feeling better.
Sorry about the Twins - they are my AL team of the moment. the Cards are up 1-0 so yay for me.

teacherwoman said...

It was hard for me to concentrate while working with my students today...missing out on watching the game! Yucky! They will come back strong tomorrow. They aren't going to let this slide...not now!

Ry said...

Sorry about your Twins, my Tigers didn't win either.

Hope one of you gets the cop job.

Nice job on on the 4-miler, despite your leg. Hopefully, you'll be rested up today for your 5'er.

Wes said...

That's what sucks about the 5 game series. The Twins could be the better team, but still lose the series because of the few number of games. Chin up on the interviewing! It will all come in time.

Danielle said...

Wow, interviewing for the same job...tht would be tough!!

Yeah, tmill running is so not fun...I am dreading heading back to it this winter.

Lisa said...

I give you both credit, interviewing for the same job! At least the odds are better that someone in your family could walk away with the position, right?

Hope the leg continues to heal. :)