Tuesday, October 31, 2006

T-minus 20 hours and counting....

....until the recommittment deadline. **sigh** Special thanks to 21st Century Mom for another donations. You ROCK! Now down to $233 ($133, if you count the matching gifts stuff I will get tommorow) to go! I did the Applebee's Pancake breakfast set, but can not fly if I do not reach recommitment. **sigh** Send out of the prayers. I need a miracle....NOW!

I finished my 2nd day of cross-training this morning. It felt very good to get it done. I will do the same again tommorow and Thursday. I might up the time to 40 minute total. It depends on how I feel tommorow.

Today's work-out

35 minutes - Eliptical machine


3.30 miles



Marty said...

Great to hear your back working out! How's the injured ankle holding out?

Ps: I agree, the Vikes sucked!


Laurie said...

I guessed closest to Nytro's finishing time for her triathlon so I am not obligated to donate to the charity she is raising money for. But I had planned on donating so I thought I'd help you out. I hope you make it to your goal!

Donald said...

Hi - I was just passing through and kind of got stuck here, so I thought I should tell you that I enjoy your blog. Good luck with the training and the ankle rehab.