Saturday, October 28, 2006

Say it ain't so!

My buffies LOST! Ughhhhhhh! By 5 points too. I do not even WANT to know the Gopher's score is this afternoon. It must be horrible or we are being eaten alive by the Buckeyes. Anyways, I did get up this morning and helped out with my TNT group. I was one of the water stop people for my group. It was fun to do, but I wished I wanted to be out there running. After helping out, I headed to the Running Room and purchased an ankle support sleeve to help strengthen my ankle. It was cheap too to purchase, which made it an easier decision. Speaking of my ankle, it's easier to walk on my ankle with the air cast on. I hope the improvement continues through Monday when I will attempt to walk without the air cast and wear the ankle support sleeve instead while attempting to do some cross-training cardio - most likely the eliptical machine.

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Marty said...

Good luck on the cross training: )