Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Oh my KNEES.....owwww!

They do NOT like the stairs right now. I did not go outside today. First, it was cold and snow/rainy outside. Second, my knees were still hurting this morning after tabbing Tiger Balm on them. They hurt just below the kneecap and the area around the bottom half. OWWWW! I ended up taking my miles on the eliptical machine, which I took carefully. I did not care about the time or how I did it - just wanted to get miles done to stay on the training schedule. They felt okay afterward until I decided to take the stairs tonight at work. NOOOOO! I felt like I woke up a monster. Owwww! I typed an e-mail to Chiropractor and sent it off hoping to get some relief. Tommorow's work-out is on hold pending how I feel in the morning. Friday's an off day. Kudo to Wes again, who spread the word about my Team in Training campaign. I received another donations again, which I was appreciate for. **grin** Today's work-out 1:18:12 7.32 miles 796.6 calories burned 10:40/mile


Anonymous said...

Please take care, and I hope those knees feel better very soon.

Anonymous said...

Never hurts to take a day off rather thatn risk it. Take care.

Jess said...

I agree with "waddler26.2"; sometimes a break is healthier.