Saturday, October 21, 2006

I have EVIL shoelaces.....

...and I swear that they are. They came untied THREE times during the race I completed this morning. It was very frustrating. On top of that, I have a VERY bad vibe about trail races. UGH!! The course announcer while we were waiting to start said the course would FLAT. He LIED!! The course had killer hills - killer on the hips in fact and mainly my left one. It's bad enough that my shoe laces were not cooperating on my trail shoes. Along with that, my poor right foot/ankle has been abused again. **sigh** I rolled my ankle on the uneven path THREE times. We were running on asphalt for the first 1/2 mile, then gravel, then dirt, and very loose dirt....and repeat. I rolled it the first time on a very loose dirt path in the apple orchard near the pumpkin patches. The second and third time were on dirt path which were unleveled. I just kept on going. On top of that, I almost did a face plant on the dirt path when I lost my footing. Ooops! Well, with all of the hills and stuff, I did finish at a time of 57:12. I wished it was a minute or two faster with all of the mean hills and the shoelace stuff. Oh well. They did have some good goodies after the race like apple donuts, apple cider, and an apple. Yummmm! When I attempting to find the results from today, I checked out my race results from the 5k I did with the same race group back in August where I did my 2nd PR for the week. Well, it turned out that I did not place in 4th place after all. In fact, I placed 3rd for my age group. The girl had placed 3rd for my age group originally was 2 years YOUNGER than they had listed in her registration. Someone goofed! Well, I sent a polite e-mail and pointed out the error to them. I also asked them if it's too late for the medal that was supposed to awarded to me. I do understand human and computer error happens if this is the case. I will wait and see if they respond or not. As for my poor ankle/foot, I need advice from the peanut gallery. Part of me says to sack the 12 miler planned for tommorow and rest the ankle. The half says that I REALLY need to get it done as part of the training. What do you think I should do? I will go to eliptical if I have to for while. I have done it before and I can do it again. I see my chiropractor on Monday and ask him what to do. BTW, the knees did hold up very well during the race. Go figure! Today's work-out 5 miles - Run (Race) 57:12 11:26/mile


Marty said...

Great race! I hate when shoe laces come untied, especially during a race. I mean who has the strength to retie shoe laces? Especially 3x! 12 miles? I say that is up to how your body feels. And who knows that better than you:)


Dori said...

Congratulations on 3rd in age group--you deserve a medal and I hope they give it to you! And congrats on your 5 mile race--11:26/mile with a sprained ankle. Wow!