Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I have AWESOME blogger friends...

...and they mean SO much to me because they are generous. I have tear down my face because I feel that some of my prayers have been answered. When you read Wes's blog, give him a BIG hug along with Wanna-Be-5k-er too. I am only $553 away from my re-commitment goal with 2 weeks to go. I just mailed out my cool reminder postcards today for my previous donors. I hope it get some more luck this way. I am SO glad that I am not a quitter! I am also hoping that pancake breakfast will be go in November or December, if needed. Keep your fingers crossed. images for myspace myspace codes


Kurt said...

The support on bloggers is great I agree!

Your so close to your goal, I hope you make it soon.

Anonymous said...

i can only imagine it would be incredibly hard to raise money, you are so close!

Nicole said...

Good luck with your fund raising - I have 3 days and only 50 bucks to go - I probably just pitch it in myself.
Thanks for all your support.
Feel free to follow me I'm number 23788!
Good luck with your long run.