Sunday, October 22, 2006

Crown me the Queen of Ankle Sprains

Yes. I did it....again. And on the same LEG! But this time I have two new friends to help me out: Mr. Air Cast and Ms. Crutches. Plus the doctor has ordered to do one thing that I have not done before: STAY OFF MY FEET. Ugh! He's really testing this Firefly out. This Firefly has a ton of energy that needs to get out. I use running to get it all out. I did talk to the running coach. He suggested that I try swimming for now to keep me toned. I wish I could use the eliptical machine to do it. I add it back into the picture after Friday. I just to complete my marathon training to do very well on race day in January. I do not want to have any more injuries. I hope everyone in Chicago or at the Nike Women's Marathon is doing awesome. Get in a good ice bath and celebrate your victory!! You are all awesome. You did it! I can not wait to read all of your stories. I hope to get this much support when I run at P.F. Chang's. I still have to get past recommitment in 10 days. I will not give up and move on the next step.


teacherwoman said...

Sorry about the sprain..that really stinks! Stay OFF your feet and Rest for a speedy recovery! Take care of yourself firefly!

Dori said...

Oh, I'm so sorry about your sprained ankle! Juls son, YaYa, just sprained his ankle while running, too. You still have a lot of training time before your January marathon. I hope you have a quick recovery.

Danielle said...

Finally a chance to catch up. Good thing you skipped the 12 miler with a sprained ankle. Not a good thing. Beyond the swimming, I would even suggest doing water running. We did it all the time in track...instead of swimming down the lane, actually set yourself up in running position and move your arms and don't need the floats that they have either...if you want more info on it, e-mail me and I can try to explain more. It was a good workout!