Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Can I go HOME....PLEASE?

Yes....I am having a bad day. I was feeling good after the chiropractor appointment, but it went REALLY bad when I got to work. I found out - with 4 days notice - that I will working until 2 am Sunday morning. This is VERY bad because I have a 15 miler on Sunday morning - meeting the group at 8 am at Lake Nokomis. UGH!! I vented with my husband, which did not help. He told me that I should just skip the run. HELL NO! I have sent an e-mail to the rest of the TNT members and PRAYING for someone to run with on Saturday morning. That's my only shot to get it done. Great! On top of that, I had another hard day on the treadmill until I made it into the chiropractor. I could only do 3 miles instead of 4 because of the pain in my left leg. UGH! When I got into the new chiropractor, he evaluated me to check the source of the pain my left hip. He agreed with me and believed that my hip flexor and sciatic nerve was the culprit. He then did some stim work on the lower back, and then accupuncture. YES...accupuncture!! I was not nervous at all. The chiropractor placed an accupuncture needle on the back of each ankle near the foot, then two more on the mid-back, two more on the neck and one on each hand where the thumb goes in and out. It felt great!! I felt my head and extremities get very warm when the needle get put in. It was so weird! After the needles were taken out, he did the normal adjustments along with working on my knees and feet, which needed work on very badly. I left the appointment feeling good. I headed home to finally shower. (Sorry...but I felt very icky!) Then I got ready for work, which brings to where I am now. I hope it gets better tommorow. The weather will very icky tommorow. It will be very cold, which mean an indoor run tommorow. Ugh! I hope to get my favorite treadmill tommorow. I think that's the WHOLE problem too. The damn walkers are using the treadmill at a leisurely pace. Double ugh!! Stay warm! Today's workout 1 mile done before the treadmill shut down during a pause session (no time given?) - approxiamately 13 mins 2.29 miles 30:46 279 calories burned 13:26/mil


Josh said...

Walkers using the treadmill ... grrrrr! And I hope the pain gets better (on a much more consistent basis).

Josh said...
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Marty said...

I hate treadmill walkers! That's what sidewalks and the streets are for! Anyway, hope Saturday works out for you:)


Dori said...

OMG, I just looked at the weather forecast. Yuck! 22 mile an hour wind. I was planning to run 9 miles tomorrow, but the treadmill is starting to sound good.

Hope your hip flexor/sciatic nerve recovers. I've never done acupuncture, but I know people who swear by it. Good luck on Saturday. I'd offer to run with you but a) I'm not running 15 miles and b) you're at least 5 minutes per mile faster than me!

Anonymous said...

Take care of yourself. Maybe with feeling the way you do for some reasonnsomething is telling you not to do the long run. If you do-listen to your body.