Friday, September 22, 2006


My day was BUSY from the beginning. I was up with the hubby by 7 am. We did npt to wake up this early, but we had to. We were out the door for my doctor's appointment with the pulminologist by 7:30. Traffic was crazy so it was GOOD that I was out early. We arrived there on time. Thank GOODNESS! Before I see the doctor, I had some breathing tests done - or what I call TORTURE tests. Once I saw the nose plugs, I was not happy. After the 2nd test, my lungs were not happy. Plus it does not help that my hubby - aka the peanut gallery - was chuckling too because I was starting to look really silly. Then to make matters WORSE, the person who was coordinating the tests, added the Albuteral - which I don't mind MOST of the time - to the equation. After I breath in the nebulizer of Albuteral, she warns me that she had given me about 2 or 3 times the amount that I get in an inhaler. WTF?! Now I am tired, feeling very ICKY from the Albuteral, and wanting to get this appointment overwith. After I FINALLY finish the tests, I head off to X-ray to get a chest x-ray done, which was not so bad. But I still feeling like CRAP. Then we started the wait to see the doctor....and waited....and waited. We waited about a hour before seeing the doctor, mostly because he was covering another doctor's ass because he was late. GREAT! Once I got in to see the doctor, asks me about the reason I am here, reviewing my medical history (oh JOY!), and then listening to my lungs. After everything is done, he determines that I may have lost some of my lung capasity due to my asthma not being properly medicated while under a previous doctor's care. WTF?! But when I ask him about the possibility of getting some of it BACK as I continuing to train for this marathon? He said yes and no. I will get some of it back...but not ALL of it back over time. Good news...and some bad news. **big sigh** Once I was DONE, I headed home. When I arrived home, I ate a small banana and headed to bed for a 1 1/2 hour nap before going to work. I felt a little bit better when I woke up..THANK GOODNESS! If my day was not busy enough, THERE'S MORE! Today was not a good day to be feeling icky! We had a HUGE security detail at work. We had a former law professor sworn in a new Federal Court judge today with one of the U.S. Supreme Court justices there to give him the oath. Once I got to work, I was PUT to work. On top of almost everyone in my part of the campus working, we had 20 U.S. Marshalls working too. Talk about TIGHT security! Wow! I consider this a ONCE in a lifetime thing to do. It's a experience that I will NEVER forget. When everyone left and things started slowing down after the ceremony and celebration afterward, I was VERY TIRED. There was food afterward, but it was mostly crap. I had a lot of fruit to make up for it. It was my favorite mini desserts too. Yummmy! But I put most of what I wanted to eat aside for tommorow AFTER I do my 8 miles. After I get some sleep tonight, I plan to get up early enough to get the 8 miles down and go down for a hour nap since I working another late night again.


Lisa said... about a busy day. Hope your 8-miler goes well for ya!

Wes said...

Work those lungs, girlfriend. Let them say what you will get back. Have a great run!

Jess said...

After a crazy day such a crazy day I might have plowed into the desserts! Kudos to you for saving them for after your run

tmt4TNT said...

Hope your run went well!

Marty said...

Hey I hope your feeling better. Have a good run!