Monday, September 25, 2006

Twins DID IT!!....We are IN!

We are in the PLAYOFFS! Now we need to tame the Detroit Tiger to get the division. Please let the baseball gods help us out!! I am still watching the score for the 2nd game of Avs vs. Red Wings. It's tied again in the 3rd period. It will be very interesting after Thursday's game. Go Avs! I was able to get my 3 miles in today....and OUTSIDE. Yayyyyy! It felt SO good to be outside. I was still wearing a t-shirt and shorts around the lake. The breeze was SO refreshing to run in. It was a little bit of a pain when I was on the west side of the lake with the wind in my face. But I got it done. Tommorow's a cross-training day, if I get it done. Today's work-out 3 miles - running 30:52 10:17/mile 314 calories burned


Wes said...

Sweet! Way to get your run in! Do they play real baseball in the American League? ;-)

Nicole said...

Congrats to the Twins but I'm nor sorry about the Vikings.

Danielle said...

I think I went in long sleeves when I ran after work...but I think I did go shorts...this AM was defintiely warmer clothes weather though...ughh...hate winter!!