Sunday, September 10, 2006

Firefly's team NOT lucky... fact, my teams sucketh really stinketh. Pooooh! They were 0-3 last night. The Gophers and my Buffys got their butts kicked in. On the other hand, the Falcons came SOOO close. They lost by ONE POINT...ONE POINT. Ughhh! But on the other hand, my Twins kicked ASS against the Detroit Tigers last night and this afternoon. YAYYYYYY! They took 3 out of 4 games during the series. They are only TWO games away from taking the division instead of just the Wild Card spot. Go TWINS, GO! Going to the subject of running, today was a rest day and I really needed it. My legs were really stiff and sore this morning. I had a slight calf cramp when I woke up, but was able to stop it in its tracks and massage it out. The weather was VERY cold and rainy - really yucky!! Tommorow will be first day actually RUNNING in my new shoes on the treadmill doing 3 miles. I hope everything goes well and able to get through the run. I plan to do this for the 1st two runs before going outside. Tuesday will be 4 miles for me. It's a recovery week so it will be very nice. Wish me luck!!


runnergirl said...

Good luck with the run. I hope all goes well with the new shoes!

Running in Slow Motion said...

Good luck with the run, I might have missed it but did you switch shoes?

I also noticed you are a golden gopher fan? Big Michigan fan here! Go Blue! Regardless it should be a good game, we've got to come onto your turph and play which is never easy in that dome.

Happy running!!!