Thursday, September 14, 2006

Cross-Training Thursday

Well, after three days of running, today was a day of cross-training. After a much needed chiropractor adjustment, I headed to the gym and spent 35 minutes on the eliptical machine before doing some weight training (first time in two weeks! Me bad!) It felt really good.....for awhile. But as the afternoon wore on, my legs becames - especially the left calf - really sore. I have two day of rest ahead of me so I know that my legs need it. A epson salt bath is calling me tonight. On top of that, I had a racing nightmare last night - similar to Running Jayhawk's pre-marathon nightmare - it was horrible!! I kept on tossing and turning last night hoping it would end. It involved me doing non-stop running with a clock tick-ticking. My mom joined in the nightmare to join me on the run (even though she does not RUN) through this very crazy night course. It was SO scary!! My legs were a little sore waking up. I hope I did not sleepwalk last night on top of it. Well, tommorow and Saturday are rest days. I will need them because Sunday will be 9 miler. I am nervous about it, but I know that I can do it. I hope I sleep better tonight compared to last night. Today's work-out 35 minutes - Elliptical machine plus weight training 3.38 miles 10:18/mile 400 calories burned


Wes said...

You mind is probably telling you to take it easy :-) Then again, it could be telling you to go faster, who knows! Excellent workout. Does the elliptical machine work your calves?

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

I haven't had any marathon nightmares, yet.  So far my only bad dreams involve my dog getting diarreha or me getting chased by overly-talkative people at work.

I hope you'll take it slow on the elyptical today.  Show those calf muscles some love.

Oh, and belated congratulations on your 100th post.