Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Avs 2 games - Red Wings 0

Yes, that's RIGHT tally so far this season. Both games went into OT and both won during a shoot-out. I have not heard from my friend yet. I tried calling him, but he has someone in his office when I tried calling. I feel like I won this TOO easy. He almost wanted to back out because he saw that the regular players were not playing. Pooh-pooh, but the deal was in writing and agreed to not get out of it...period! Anyways, I got my cross-training in today. It was a good thing too. My husband was having his deposition done by the opposing counsel today for his lawsuit. (LONG story - e-mail me if you interested in hearing the WHOLE story). By the advice of his attorney, I stayed home instead of coming with during the deposition. His attorney thought the opposing counsel may object for me being there so I just stayed home and slept in before working on one more job application that's due on Friday. After I got the last application done, I headed to the gym since I needed to get some stress and anxiety out of my system. It was a good thing. After I texted him about getting something done after the depo, he texts me back that his boss (aka the reason that we have this lawsuit period) was at his depo. I was in the beginning of my workout on the eliptical machine when I got this. Upon getting this, I got REALLY mad and upset then started to work harder on the eliptical machine to get the excess adrenline out. It felt good to get it out. I headed home - with my husband still not home - and then showered before getting ready for work. When he got home, he gave the whole story of how the deposition went. It sounds like everything went well, but I want to talk to his attorney just to make sure. Tommorow's 5 miles and the schedule shows 3 miles for Wednesday. GO Twins tonight - GO Johan!! Today's work-out 35 minutes - Eliptical machine 3.52 miles 433 calories 9:56/mile - (YES! I was MAD!)


neese said...

hope things work out for you guys, way to blow some steam on the eliptical!

teacherwoman said...

TWINS win!!! what is 94?!?!?! Joe Nathan sure made it a nail biter in the end!

nice workout today!

Marty said...

Awesome workout!


WADDLER26.2 said...

Good luck to the twins from a Cubs fan. You're workouts are looking good!

Danielle said...

Way to keep the workouts I'm curious about the lawsuit!