Friday, September 08, 2006

4 miles done...and a new TEMPORARY hair-cut!

Yes, it's a little shorter. I am not really happy with it, but it's only temporary until it grows out. I had to have over an inch taken off in order to remove really bad, ugly damage from a perm I received almost a year ago. It feel much better now that it's all gone, but I can not put it in a ponytail now. Uuuugh! It was a mess when I worked out this afternoon. Oh well! I just have learn to be more creative now.

I was able to get through the 4 miles that I needed to do today. It was very easy to do. Tommorow will be real challenge with 8 miles scheduled on the eliptical machine. I am guessing at least 1 hour 20 on the eliptical machine (not including the 5 minute cool-down). Since my foot is getting much better, I plan to use next week's low mileage recovery week to start running again starting on the treadmill and then onto the streets once I am comfortable enough.

Today's work-out

45 minutes - Eliptical machine

4.38 miles

512 calories burned



Ry said...

Whoa, nice do!

Glad to see your getting over the injury. 4.38 miles of running aint bad - but 8 miles on an elliptical sounds tough! Good luck this weekend.

Wanna-be 5k-er said...

Great workout! I like the haircut, too.

GL with the 8 miles, wow.

Liv said...

The haircut's cute! I find that since I've been shorn of my long hair, a collection of bobby pins and snappy pins is essential - their combined forces can boost the staying power of any pony tail! Failing that, of course, you can always resort to a bandanna or a hat.

neese said...

cute haircut!!! since my haircut i've really liked using the Goody StayPut headband it has a grippy texture on the inside (why they call it stayput) and helps keep all your hair away from your face

Anne said...

I used to have a similar cut and wore a "half pony" to keep the hair out of my face. In the cold months, I used an extra wide band to protect the ears -- fabulous fashion accessory.

Lisa said...

I'm in the same boat as far as hair length. I'm growing out a super-short haircut, and it's about that length.

I use a do-rag when I run, though, so that way, I don't have to deal with it at all!

Rae said...

Cute hair do! When my hair is shorter I put as much as I can in a ponytail and then clip the rest up with little clippies/bobby pins.

Good luck with your long elliptical session and with returning to running next week!

Danielle said...

I'd have problems myself with a shorter cut and not getting it in a pony, but it looks cute!! Shorter is easier to care for rule on a cut though is it has to fit in a pony!!