Thursday, July 13, 2006

When is the HEAT going away?!

As you can tell, the heat is SLOWLY taking a toll on me. I am starting to hate it, as I do each year. It's not the same perfect and comfortable weather as I like it. Anyway, like yesterday, I get up AGAIN at 7 am after only 6 hours of sleep, which was interupted by my body tossing and turning a couple of times. I head to class by 8 am - 3 down and ONE to go this week. YES!!! I am on the home stretch. I am getting tired, but I am doing things to make it easier for me. After class, which got out a little bit late, I headed up home to change and then head to the gym. I decided to just do cross-training for today and tommorow - so I do not put pressure on myself to prep my lungs for a 3 mile run on the treadmill. I can handle the eliptical machine, but my asthma kicks in when I run. Go figure!! My 45-minute session on the eliptical machine felt really good. I stretched for 5 minutes before heading home. Once home, I showered and prepped for work. Today was not hard at work. I just felt so tired and cranky by the time I reached work. I don't know what hit me. After a cup of chai, the caffeine hits me and starts to wake me up It looks like we are getting some storms tonight. YAYYYYYYY! I am hoping for a little cool-down, but that would be wishful thinking. I hope to sleep very soundly tonight. Today's work-out 45 min - Eliptical machine 4.26 miles 496 calories 10:33/mile

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Danielle said...

And see, it's funny, but I'm really not bothered by the heat. Yes, I run better when it's not quite as hot (well, when it's not quite as humid) but I HATE the cold and don't run well at all in it!!