Saturday, July 01, 2006

My weekend is almost here...'s Saturday and my weekend is almost here. I don't have to work tomorrow and Monday, but I have to come in on Tuesday the 4th. UGH! I am sitting here basking in the quietness with a hot cup of Oregon Chai to give me a little pick-me-up. I was able to get up this AM at 9 a.m. (actually 9:15, but who's counting the number times I hit the snooze button. My hubby managed to wake up a little early than I should at 8 a.m. with the smoke detector while he was making pizza for his dinner. NOT a good wake-up call...and he wonders why I was cranky this a.m. (You think?!) I put some Tiger Balm on my left shin that was slightly sore when I woke up. I ate some breakfast this a.m. before heading out to get some grocery shopping done. Grocery shopping was very easy today, but the store was very busy due to the holiday weekend. On our way home, my hubby started getting sleepy because he had worked a 13 hour shift last night because someone did a "no call - no show". I dropped off my hubby off with the groceries and headed to the gym for my cross-training work-out. I got my 45 minutes with the elliptical machine. Before my work-out, I had one of the personal trainers do a body fat analysis using the little machine they have. The last time I did this was over 3 weeks ago, which came back as 27.7% of body fat. When I received the reading today, it came back as.........25.4% (YES!!!!) That's a loss of 2.3%. I was ecstatic!! It gave me more motivation to continue my work-out today. After my work-out, I headed home and then jumped into the shower before heading to work. Tomorrow's a rest day and going to enjoy it. It will a HOT one! Today's workout 45 minutes - Elliptical machine 4.30 miles 507 calories

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Beast said...

Working on the 4th sucks. Call in sick!