Thursday, July 27, 2006

My lungs SUCK.....literately!

Yes, they do! Or what the allergist said today. Well, for starters today, I slept like S*$% last night, which made waking up at 7 a.m. REALLY fun - NOT! Thank goodness my husband drove with me today because I was still a little sleepy when I left for my doctor's appointment. I kept on reminding myself that I could take a nap when I got home from doctor's appointment and final transcript errands. But I was STILL tired! Due to horrible traffic near the construction zone, I was 10 minutes late - along with waiting for the receptionist who was helping another person with setting up a follow-up appointment. After I check in and pay my co-pay, the nurse comes to get me and was go into the spirometry room (breathing test room). She checks my weight and blood pressure before going onto my breathing test. She go onto explaining the instructions for the test (which I did not need explaining since I have done this before and my son has asthma as well - LOTS of practice). The first try REALLY sucked and very difficult to do. Then during second and final try, I was seeing stars - almost. Then the nurse lead me into the exam room where I waiting for the doctor to see me. When he walked into the exam room, he asked to explain what's going. I explained to him that I had some problems on Monday during my last outdoor run and sometimes deal with a little shortness of breath when climbing a flight of stairs, which I thought was not normal (especially when I work out 5 to 6 days a week doing cardio or running). He explained that the results show that my lungs really not in ideal condition and really suck. He also asked about my current medications, which I gave him. He explained that he may have to add some additional asthma medications to my routine. Then he stepped out and the nurse stepped into the room with the nebulizer reading to give me a neb treatment. UGH! I give her the look of surprise. She was not surprised, considering the test results that I did when I arrived. My husband gives me a smurk, which I return with a look of disapproval. I finish the neb treatment with the nurse telling me that she's coming back to get me for another round of breathing tests in 10 minutes. I start to get a little sleepy - so I lay down on the exam table and close my eyes. 10 minutes roll by. The nurse comes back and I repeat the test. I must have done a little bit better because it was much easier this time around. The doctor comes back in and explains that he will adding two medications to help reduce the use of the nebulizer. (YAYYY!) He hands two prescriptions for me to fill. I ask him for samples of either medication. He has samples for one medication, but not the other. He wants to see me back in one month. Ok. The nurse comes back in with the samples before I leave to schedule the follow-up appointment in one month. By the time I left the doctor's office, I just wanted to go home and crawl into bed. No can do now. I still have - now TWO stops - before I go home. First, off to drop off the transcript. Then off to get my new meds. Once both of those were done, I was FINALLY ready to go home and take a much needed nap. When I get home, I take the first dosage of my new inhaler, rinse my mouth out, and then crawl into bed. The nap seemed too short, but felt much better after I woke up. I got myself something to eat and checked my e-mail before going to work. I worked a 12 hours until 3 a.m., which I am still doing right now. I am getting little tired right now, but I know that I can manage myself until I have to leave. BTW, I want to join JKRunning's Whine and Cheese party as long as she brings the cheese. Hopefully, if I sleep right away tonight, I can get a cross-training session in tommorow before heading to work. I won't be putting too much pressure on myself about doing considering how I felt today and the weather just SUCKS period. Very hot weather predicted this weekend again. UGH!


Nicole said...

Well I guess we are in the same boat regarding breathing and being tired.

Anyway, I would love to meet up when I'm in MN but I don't know if I'll be in your area.

I'm coming up a week from today. And, then my brother-in-law and nephew are picking me up at the airport and sweeping me away to St. Peter, MN (75 miles SW of MSP) - I think. But, I'll be there through Monday. So, let me know where you are and I'll see what I have to do to help my sister out etc.

By the way do you know any good places to run in or around St. Peter - I'm scheduled to do a 12 miler on Sat.

jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

Hopefully you will feel better now with your new medication. I admire you for sticking with the running despite the breathing issues.

I will definately bring the cheese!! I should buy stock in those cracker cuts.

Annette said...

Sorry about your breathing - that sucks! Hopefully the new meds will help.

Rose said...

There is nothing like a lousy night of sleep to magnify every flaw of the day. Hope the new meds get your breathing in check for you!

Lisa said...

Glad that perhaps some meds can do the trick for you. Stay healthy! :)

e-tard said...

thanks for the motivation! very much appreciated! and keep at it!