Sunday, July 16, 2006

A fun rest day!

Well, today was a rest day for me. I enjoyed it by staying up late cleaning up the apartment until 12:30 am and not getting to bed until almost 2 am. I set my alarm this morning for 9:30 a.m, but I think Mother Nature had other things in mind. I say so because I was woken out of SOUND SLEEP by a bright lightning strike at around 8:30 a.m., which came with a LOUD thunderstrike. UGH! But I managed to fall back to sleep quickly until the alarm went off (which I hit a few times before waking up at 10:30 - oh, I bad!) I woke up and ate a decent breakfast before my two kids arrived at 11:25. I already had activities planned for them today - away from the apartment. One of my co-workers' last day was Wednesday and a party at a bowling alley was held in his honor. I took my husband and two kids with so they can have some fun. My two kids ended up playing three game of bumper bowling, which my daughter ended up beating her poor OLDER brother by a long shot (that's with the help of her mother and a ramp that she used to PUSH the ball!) After the party was overwith, we had our last group picture with my co-worker. (I am still working on getting the picture added to the blog.) We left and then headed back home before swimming lessons, which I needed to drop the kids off back with their dad. After I dropped them off, I headed to my monthly police reserve meeting, which was extremely important. The rest of the evening was spent working on filling out application for police officer positions, which had a deadline of this coming Friday. Tommorow's going to be cross-training day. It is also the LAST day of waking up at 7 am for class. I re-take the last practical exam tommorow. I am not too nervous about it (yet!) and know what to expect from the test. Details will come tommorow.


Lisa said...

Almost got those classes behind you!! Excellent work. :)

runner26 said...

Sunday was my rest day too--it was definitely welcomed. Funny thing--I also crazy-cleaned my apt. That can be almost as draining as a workout :)
Good luck on your practical exam!

Annette said...

Good luck with your exam! Glad you were able to take a rest day.

Marty said...

Hey good luck in your test today:)


Danielle said...

I like cleaning later at night myself...although I never run the vacuum then as it seems kind of rude!! :)