Friday, June 23, 2006

What I have learned....

As I sit at my desk, I am pondering what I have learned since my 1st marathon in Phoenix before I start training again for another one. On Sunday, I faxed in my mentor application for TNT and plan to run again in Phoenix - as a mentor or not. I have given myself a lot of time to recover since January. I have done a lot of cross-training on the elliptical machine (now on level 8 with the interval training! Yayyyy!) since I was plagued with tendonitis on my hip and then arch sprain on my right foot. I also added weight training in February (and then slacked off until early May due to school) to give myself muscles a lot of strength before starting my marathon training. I pumped up my exercise routine from 3 days a week all the way up to 5 or 6 days per week since I have finished my Associate's Degree. My cardio routine has been boosted from just 30-35 minutes per day up to 45 minutes. I have a nice toned body because of my efforts, even though I wished my legs would get rid of the saddlebag on my thighs and the tiny "pooch" on my lower abs. At least my legs do not retain water after each weight training day like they did when I returned from Phoenix. (Note: You WILL freak out your Chiropractor AND Sports Medicine doc - on the SAME day - if they see TOO much water retention on your legs after coming home from a marathon. TRUST ME!) Here's what else I have came up with:
  • Make sure you drink the sports drink and water (and lots of it!) at least 3 days before the marathon, even if your mom drags you up to Sedona for a shopping trip where you can not find a convenience store in Sedona (LOTS of shops - NO food stores!! Ugh!! I wish I packed a cooler.)
  • Do NOT use recovery drink as part of your training drink on the day of the marathon. BAD idea!!
  • Do NOT stop walking even though you hurt SO bad after completing a marathon!
  • Do NOT take a 2 hour nap after taking an ice bath! You will not be able to move much, plus you are not continuing with the fluid intake after the marathon (and avoid an ER visit for 3 bags of fluid.) I learned that's why the Victory Party is so important to keep moving.
  • Make sure you have your victory beer. I missed out on my Michelob Ultra and it ticked me off. UGH!!
  • Get a good massage a week after the marathon. It's an awesome investment. USE IT!!
  • Go to more of the TNT group matter how *%#*@ cold it is outside. I wish school did not get in the way of those runs. No more school (at least in the classroom = more time for my running)! Plus I need to invest more in specialized winter clothing when I am running. I live in Minnesota for Pete's sake. We are supposed to live for this stuff.

I don't have a goal time...yet. I want to see how I do for the next few 5K's I am doing. I have shooting to sign for the 10 Mile Race at TCM. (Make sure I have my inhaler in hand!) I might shoot for sub-6:00. I hit 6:37 when I was in Phoenix last time. I know that if I train a little better that I will do well this time around. I just hope the darn shin splints don't plague me this time now that I have my legs prepared over the spring and summer so far.

I am RUN!

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